EHang 216 (Fire Fighting Drone)


EHang 216 (Fire Fighting Drone)

Application Scenarios

The rapid economic development of society is driving the increase of the height and density of urban buildings, which not only leads to huge fire hazard but also poses great challenge to traditional firefighting methods of rescue ladder. EHang 216F is born to deal with high-rise fires that remains a headache for firefighters around the world. It can carry 6 fire extinguisher bombs and 150 kilograms of microbial firefighting foams for firefighting operations at an altitude of 600 meters and features in technical advantage of large payload, quick response , remote control and centralized management. EHang 216F boasts a large payload of 200kg that is far ahead of counterparts on the market with a limited payload less than 100kg.

Interacting with the self-developed command-and-control system by EHang, EHang 216F is able to fly to the scene as soon as it receives fire alarm to conduct varied tasks including investigation, firefighting, rescue and emergency management, etc., thereby building life express line for high-rise fire in the city.

Distributed Deployment & Quick Response
EHang 216F is to be deployed in multiple fire stations in the city and is responsible for fire cases of all high-rise buildings within a radius of 5 km with the fire station as the center. When the fire alarm is received, it takes off directly from the fire station and can quickly fly to any point within the jurisdiction to perform tasks as instructed.

Remote Control & Centralized Management
With the help of EHang command-and-control center, a fleet of EHang 216Fs are controlled simultaneously and dispatched to the scene as soon as possible. According to the real-time fire situation, the AAV fleet can continuously spray the fire point in turn and carry out preliminary investigations for further remote operations and different tasks to quickly extinguish the fire.

Full Redundancy Design & Safety First
All EHang AAVs feature in full redundancy design which means all components have their backup systems. Even in the case of special situations such as power loss and GPS signal loss, the MV still keeps a stable attitude and safe flight, and performs accurate firefighting normally.

Optimized Structure & High Adaptability
The fuselage structure of firefighting version of EHang 216F is made of epoxy carbon fiber composite material, which optimizes the strength and stiffness of the overall structure. Even in complex environment with high temperature, smoke, wind or rain, the AAV can still complete rescue tasks quickly.

Technical Specifications
Material of bomber Aluminium alloy
Initial velocity of emission ≤35m/s
Altitude 600m
Range of fire extinguisher bomb 50m
Effective injection distance of high pressure nozzle 10m
Extinguishing agent ABC superfine dry powder
Fire extinguishing capability of a single shot 9.2m³ (total flooding)
Lenght 5.61
Width 5.60m
Max Payload 200kg
Max cruising speed 130km/h
Volume of firefighting foams 150L
Effective injection time of high pressure nozzle 3.5min

Extinguishing method
Slow release, atomization of dry powder, total flooding extinguishing.

Overall structure
Fully sealed, waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference

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