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GV Space Ventures Sdn Bhd is a company that supplies passenger drone, cargo drone & firefighting drone. Our head office is located at Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. We feel proud that our products offer amazing value & it will worth client's spending. Contact us now for more details as our professional customer service team will help & discuss through your needs.


Passenger Transportation

The world's first electric passenger-grade Autonomous Aerial Vehicle, providing safe, eco-friendly, intelligent Urban Air Mobility solution. EHang AAV boasts multiple flight control systems, each futher having multiple sensors and a voting mechanism. This design makes the whole system able to obtain corect data and function safely even in complicated circumstances.

Logistics Platform

EHang Falcon (Logistics), independently designed and developed by EHang, is an intelligent networked delivery autonomous aerial vehicle. With a multi-rotor structure of four-arms and eight-propellers and an intelligent Fail-safe algorithm, it can achieve vertical take-off and landing, precise positioning with GPS & visual identity, autonomous route planning, and real-time networked dispatching. It can also transport 5 kg of small parcel one-way, completing the task of the fully-automatic flight route, suitable for flexible and frequent short-distance terminal deliveries within 19 km range in urban areas.

Fire Fighting

EHang 216 is born to deal with high-rise fires that remain a headache for firefighters around the world. It can carry 6 fire extinguisher bombs and 150 kilograms of microbial firefighting foams for firefighting operations at an altitude of 600 meters and features the technical advantage of large payload, quick response, remote control, and centralized management. EHang 216 boasts a large payload of 200kg that is far ahead of counterparts on the market with a limited payload of less than 100kg.

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