Falcon B (Logistics)


Falcon B (Logistics)

EHang Falcon (Logistics), independently designed and developed by EHang, is an intelligent networked delivery antonomous aerial vehicle. With a multi-rotor structure of four-arms and eight-propellers, and an intelligent Fail-safe algorithm, it can achieve vertical take-off and landing, precise positioning with GPS & visual identity, autonomous route planning and real-time networked dispatching. It can also transport 5 kg of small parcel one-way, completing the task of fully-automatic flight route, suitable for flexible and frequent short-distance terminal deliveries within 19 km range in urban areas.


Auto Flight
Without manual operation, the AAV can independently complete its flight tasks according to route planning.

Safety & Security
With full backup redundancy design of power system and sensors, and Fail Safe algorithm of flight control system, it connects to LTE network to monitor flight data in real time, and can get manual control in emergencies, to safeguard flight safety and security.

It can make self-adaptive adjustments responding to normal changes of load, wind power, wind direction to maintain steady

Precise Positioning
Differential GPS and visual identity technology ensure precise positioning to the centimeter, greatly reducing vertiport space.

Integrated Design of Drone & Warehouse
With stable structure of four-arms and eight-propellers, it carries a warehouse customized, greatly enhancing the transport capacity.

Type of motor Multi-rotor
Maximum speed 80km/h
Maximum payload 5kg
Maximum fight time 17min
Length (propeller included) 78cm
Height Customizable
Maximum flying altitude 3000m

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